Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

It's time to decorate for Halloween, so I get out the twine and scissors, but first I grab the wine bottle and pour myself a little fortification.

I know it will take a long while to put up all the spider webs and cornstalks, so I figure it won't hurt to take a little breather, I know, I know, I haven't even started yet!

There they are, they're usually sitting on top of my head, while I spend half an hour looking for them.

What is that look for, I'm the one doing all the work?

Wow, I finally finished the webs and they really do look great, but I sure could use another breather, so I'll plop down on the love seat for a little break, and maybe another glass of the dark elixir wouldn't hurt either.

  Back to work, I have to finish before sunset and at the rate I'm going it might be sunset tomorrow.

Hey, I wonder if I could use this somewhere.

I finished with the cornstalks and scarecrows, but I think they may be laughing at me.

NO, it was this fellow, but I don't think he has much to laugh about, not with those dentures.

Of course it starts to rain, it's time to put up the fence.

Last thing is to hang the flag, yea I know the letters are backwards, but that's because I took the picture from the wrong side, besides it adds a little playfulness, don't you think. OK, so I'm just too tired to flip it.

And now I sit here and contemplate my feet and the crack in the cement.

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Ms K said...

I do like Halloween and your pictures.....esp the fact that you were having such a good time doing it.

Isn't it time for another blogging????

I will be in such trouble for using Santosha's name as one of your followers !! I musta thought it was a password.