Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fog and Spider webs

The other day I took my dog for a walk in the fog and of course I had my camera along.

We walked to the marina near our house and along the way I spotted this ring of mushrooms on someone's lawn

As we walked along the road to the marina I noticed a spider web strung along the tip of a boat, the whole web was covered with tiny drops of mist, it was beautiful!

Walking into our yard I noticed hundreds of spider webs, small ones, large ones, all different shapes, they were all covered with tiny drops of mist.  There were dual ones on my yucca plant.

I started photographing them and I was amazed at the beauty of these webs, some were very thick and some were very thin and fragile looking.



And I noticed that this guy had webs on him!

Yeah, maybe he sat there a little too long!


Corina said...

I love the spider webs pictures, they are awesome. Especially the one with those sharp green leaves (aloe vera plant, perhaps?!)...Thanks for sharing them on the web, also they are very appropriate for the Halloween month, lol..

Janne said...

Thank you Corina! I was very lucky to find so many wonderful webs to photograph. The sharp green leaves are my Yucca plant, which I love.