Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

My daughter, Danielle and I attended the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. We had a fantastic time and I thought I would share some of the photographs of our fab day.

We met the Queen and her court strolling through the village.


Isn't she lovely, I love the costumes!

These ladies serenaded us, they were so charming.


We watched a mud wrestling wedding, what fun! The "bride" was so funny.

My lovely daughter, Danielle tried on some of the masks they were selling at the booths. I love how her eyes are the major focal point, even though she is wearing an elaborate mask.

I love the kilt! He was directing the grape tossing contest.

Isn't he great, I love the stockings and his woeful pirate expression.

We tasted wine at the wine tasting booth, but I think the bartender is trying to taste more than the wine!

We met this fierce fellow tending his bone fire


Isn't he great? I love his exuberance!

As the day came to a close, we attended the jousting match.  This lovely lady was selling flowers.

Let the jousting begin! Of course the Queen's knights won the match.

We ended the day with a visit to the gift shop and some more wine tasting. It was great fun and I'll be sure and have my wench costume ready for next year!

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Ms K said...

So good to see that. It does look wonderful and fun. And the costumes are so cool. I want one of those skirts with the draping. Thanks for sharing. And you go, Wench !!!