Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beauty Surrounds Us

Hello, it has been a some time since I have posted anything and I apologize. Halloween and finding a better car for my daughter has taken up a lot of time.

It is amazing how much beauty you can find in everyday things, ordinary things that escape your attention. I was at a workplace and noticed these old boxcars stacked everywhere, I have seen them dozens of time without so much as a second glance. On this particular day I took notice of how charming in their color scheme and arrangement they looked and decided to share.

Then I noticed how interesting a set of doors looked up close.

Over in the weeds were two old pickups sitting side by side.  They have been sitting there so long, the weeds have grown up around them, but they are just great!

It's amazing how much beauty surrounds us, we just need to take the time to stop and look from a different perspective.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall weather

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Mary Roy said...

No kidding! What a great idea to share what you saw today. I'm glad I stopped by. Found you in a comment in the chapbook challenge.