Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's the end of the season, but some of the flowers are still bravely blooming.  I took these pictures in my yard of the last of the flowers, I think they are lovely.

The last of my old fashioned roses, but so beautiful!

 They look so delicate.


Rosemary, which is an evergreen, but look at the lovely little blooms.

Geranium buds


The very last of the petunias


Mallows, what a surprise to find these little blooms tucked away under the leaves!

More roses

And more

 And, while these are not blooms, they are pretty just the same, rose hips

I am not sure what this little beauty is, but it is just gorgeous

I couldn't resist including this flower pod from a Rose of Sharon, it is so pretty in it's own way

My Lambs Ears, I love these fuzzy leaves!

Seed pods, aren't they pretty?

Yes, I know this isn't a flower, it is a Hosta leaf, but it is just so colorful

So now I'll have to wait until spring for the colors to bloom again.


Beth said...

You have posted awesome pictures of flowers. Geranium looks so cool. Enjoyed the pictures on your blog.

Janna said...

Your flower pictures are incredibly beautiful!