Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Musings

Saturday mornings are for late coffee and time to reminisce. I have looked back over my postings and I realize that I need to pick up and continue things I promised and left off. It has been almost two years since my youngest left home, and it left a deep, dark hole for a long time, but now I see that that is the way things are meant to be. So in the months to come, I will endeavor to finish some posts I started and to continue with the little crafts, poems, and things I love to do. But this morning as I sip my coffee, I think about all the everyday objects that surround me, so I took my camera and tried to see them in new ways. 

This dried pomegranate sits in a bowl on a table, there are three of them, and I guess they hold a special place in my heart because my dad would always buy them for me when I was a little girl. I always buy too many of them when they are in season, that is the only time you can get them here.

This is a teapot collection that my middle daughter, Janna bought for me years ago. It is so whimsical and bright. 

This sits in my workroom, and my little granddaughter loves it!

Nail brush I use often, sits in my bathroom on a soap tray.

Just some of the things I see, but don't really see everyday.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Closer Look

Sometimes when you stop and look closer at things you see everyday, you realize there is beauty in the smallest details.

All of these images were taken of things in my home, things I see every day, but never notice how the small details are so interesting and beautiful.