Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Red Day

There is no logical order or connection to the photos other than the touches of red. These are my daughter's braids, I just love the contrast.
 My kitchen scale, you'd think I would have cleaned it first, but hey I'm on a roll.
 Don't you just love the two eyeballs looking so warily to the side? But he does have a nice string smile, which kind of changes his look from wary to happy.
 Isn't he great, I bought him at a thrift store. He has no use that I can discern, the only thing I could come up with was a toothpick holder. Anyone have any other ideas?
A hand puppet I made for my teddy bear (he kind of looks like Clifford the Big Red Dog, from the children's books I used to read to my daughter)
Betty Boop, boop boopie doo! (my kitchen clock, dust and all)
Threads in my sewing box, I'm so disorganized.
 And last of all my red bottomed wine glass with some chilled white wine just waiting.
Thanks for visiting and have a great Day!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rusty Beauty

We recently went to a farm auction. While Jerry drooled over the old tractors,I found the most fascinating and beautiful old rusty things.  I walked around and photographed some of them. This sign was on the back of a trailer.
 This old International truck was covered in rust and faded paint, the patina was lovely.
I love the way the colors fade into one another and the rust runs and bleeds into the paint.
 Rusty details, aren't they pretty?
 And I spotted this gem, look at the way it is smiling at you, it's windshield eyes are so cute.
 And look at that faded, peeling paint.
 I love the patina!
 And who could resist this? That is my beautiful daughter leaning into this old car.
 The rusty fender of a Ford tractor.
 Hey, I think they are beautiful!
 Just look at all the different shades and degrees of rust.
 No, this isn't rust, but I couldn't resist including these whimsical suspenders!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I started spring cleaning today, you think it might be a bit overdue? I have way too many books. I think the problem might be that I hardly ever throw anything away. I need to be strict with myself. When I go into a book store, a book always comes home with me. My bookshelves are groaning and they shudder when I walk into the room with a bag on my arm. I am also a magazine-a-holic, I have stacks of them all over my work room. I am a saver, I never cut up the magazines, but keep them intact. I once had every single issue of Victoria, but I finally got up the nerve and sold the whole lot at a flea market. And someone loved me when I sold the whole lot of photography magazines I had been saving for year. Yikes, did I just admit to all this?  Oh well, might as well come clean, I still have stacks of knitting, teddy bear and photography magazines.
And I have to admit, I also have a weakness for dishes, not matched sets, but odd unique dishes, that I use together instead of formal dishes.

 Also Lamps
lots of yarn
 Old books
Whimsical vases. And there are lost more, but I 'll save them for another day!