Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I started spring cleaning today, you think it might be a bit overdue? I have way too many books. I think the problem might be that I hardly ever throw anything away. I need to be strict with myself. When I go into a book store, a book always comes home with me. My bookshelves are groaning and they shudder when I walk into the room with a bag on my arm. I am also a magazine-a-holic, I have stacks of them all over my work room. I am a saver, I never cut up the magazines, but keep them intact. I once had every single issue of Victoria, but I finally got up the nerve and sold the whole lot at a flea market. And someone loved me when I sold the whole lot of photography magazines I had been saving for year. Yikes, did I just admit to all this?  Oh well, might as well come clean, I still have stacks of knitting, teddy bear and photography magazines.
And I have to admit, I also have a weakness for dishes, not matched sets, but odd unique dishes, that I use together instead of formal dishes.

 Also Lamps
lots of yarn
 Old books
Whimsical vases. And there are lost more, but I 'll save them for another day!

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