Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rusty Beauty

We recently went to a farm auction. While Jerry drooled over the old tractors,I found the most fascinating and beautiful old rusty things.  I walked around and photographed some of them. This sign was on the back of a trailer.
 This old International truck was covered in rust and faded paint, the patina was lovely.
I love the way the colors fade into one another and the rust runs and bleeds into the paint.
 Rusty details, aren't they pretty?
 And I spotted this gem, look at the way it is smiling at you, it's windshield eyes are so cute.
 And look at that faded, peeling paint.
 I love the patina!
 And who could resist this? That is my beautiful daughter leaning into this old car.
 The rusty fender of a Ford tractor.
 Hey, I think they are beautiful!
 Just look at all the different shades and degrees of rust.
 No, this isn't rust, but I couldn't resist including these whimsical suspenders!

1 comment:

Ms K said...

This car part that is garden art in my back's yours.
It really is interesting, but I can't keep the vines off it.

Ron says there is the whole back end of a car buried behind his studio. NC...where we just leave things in our yards forever.

Your pictures do show the beauty of it.