Friday, September 4, 2009

An Off Kind of Day

Yeah, it was that kind of day, everything was kind of off, you know how those days go. I got up late, my contacts were all fogged up, my juice spilled all over my sketch book and the cat coughed up a gigantic hair ball. The day just got better and better. My daughter's air conditioner went on strike, just when she is expecting guests for an overnight stay. I forgot to take the trash out and when I picked up the bag, it ripped. I forgot to change the cat litter box, my sheets were still sitting in the washer from the night before and I had nothing to make for dinner.

I was dragging, but on my lawn there was a surprise, these gigantic mushrooms. There is probably something wrong with the soil to grow such things in the middle of the lawn, but they were interesting anyway. I grabbed my camera and snapped them for posterity.

There were actually five of them, but the other one is off to the left,out of the picture

From the top

This is a fairy's view of the mushroom!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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