Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Early Peek at Halloween

I have been working on a project for over a week and just finished. This is my second needle felting creation. the first was a mouse to go with my orphan lion Ernest. This is new to me and I am having so much fun. The needles are sharp and I have poked my fingers a few times, but I am learning to be a more careful after shedding a few drops of blood. I am currently at work on another needle felting creation, this one a witch, but it is time consuming, so I hope I finish in time for Halloween. I love Halloween!

This pair are named Porter and Cole and will be listed on e-bay soon!

What a ride he's in for!

Below you will find some of my creations from Halloween's past. They have all been adopted and have happy homes. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Sadie and Creepella, aren't they wonderful?

Frankie, he's is so handsome!

Esmerelda and Slither, I'm sure you can guess the snake is slither

This cute ghostly pair are named Casper and Boo. Casper is the bear.

Burton and Sprinkee, you have to look hard to see Sprinkee, he's hanging on the end of Burton's hat

More Halloween coming this way soon!

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Janna3535 said...

I love all of your halloween critters! Porter and Cole are awsome!!! I sure would like to add them to my collection! You are so incredibly creative. All of your critters are so unique and sweet.