Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's in the Details

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the details that go into creating something, so today I thought I would share some of the details of past teddy bear costumes I have made. I have a large collection of buttons, ribbons, rick rack, blanket binding, lace, beads, cast off jewelry pieces and fabrics.

Sometimes when I start a teddy or other critter, I lay out all the coordinating fabric and other things I think might match and decide what to use, but most often I just add pieces as I go along. I have a general idea of how I want everything to look, and my sketch is my base, but sometimes things go way off from what I originally planned. I don't stop until things look just right to me. It might entail adding a piece of ribbon or a flower or another bead here or there. In the end things usually fall into place.

I hand knitted the sweater, the dress was a vintage dress, to which I added some detailing. It still looked kind of unfinished, so I made the little necklace to go around her neck, and it seemed just right.

This is a very special bear, she now lives in France. I freehand drew on her and them colored the flowers with colored pencils and fabric crayons. I then placed this great bow around her neck, but it still seemed like she needed a little something. I dug through my buttons and came up with this great button to add to her bow. I think she turned out fabulous!

I use lots of recycled denim jeans in my work and sometimes I try to use the worn parts to my advantage, such as the leg of this teddy. I purposely cut the pattern on the worn part, to give the teddy a well loved look.

I found this trim in a box of junk that I bought at a flea market. I used it on a light lilac dress, which I washed and rolled to look old. I added the beads and it turned out just the way I wanted.

An all red themed teddy seemed like a wonderful idea, but I found that all the reds kind of blended, so I decided to add a big crocheted flower of a different shade just for contrast and interest.

When I finished sewing this little dress, I thought it needed an extra touch, so I put french knots around the neck edge.

I loved this material the moment I saw it and just knew that it had to be paired with the green ribbon. I love to hand stitch the trim and seams so that the stitches show. I think it gives it the personal hand made look that I love. I found the little striped ribbon rose in the fabric store and it was the perfect final touch.

This circular crochet top for this dress took some planning. It looked a little plain when finished, so I sewed beads around the top. The final touch was to weave the green ribbon through the bodice. It was worth the extra effort.

A patchwork heart to hang from their paw

Sometimes a little applique can make a big difference!



maryhartka said...

i love all the details..the ones on the outfits you make, and the ones in your stories. such creativty both mentally and physically..

gr8 job!

Janne said...

Thank you Mary! It is always inspiring to be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Ms K said...

Wow !!! You have such a good eye for detail and the right touch. My favorite is the little tucks that are hand sewn. Your grammie would be so proud of your good work !!!!

Ms K said...

The grapes and the turquoise draping down .....that's also a favorite.

I have Moby Dick on tape for the eye recuperation thing. Also I printed out the first page from . Talk about taking it slowly. I have a student now....Hispanic...named Ishmael.