Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning

The rain and wind were ferocious this morning.  I thought the wind was going to take the storm door off the hinges.  It was a good day for reading, knitting and eating.
I love starfruit.
 Aren't they cute?

I thought it might be fun to share some refrigerator art with you, by that I mean all the silly and strange things we put on the front of our refrigerators.
Like Alfred for instance
or this silly magnet picture that has been sticking to our refrigerator for years.  I worked at a dog kennel and brought this home so I would have the phone number handy.  I will probably never call the number again, but it is still stuck to the refrigerator
And here is a picture my daughter drew for me. It is of me, my kids and my dad when we visited him in New Mexico.  The kids are all grown and my dad died a long time ago. But I love the picture.
And who doesn't love Bugs Bunny? You can see how old it is, when was it 32 cents to mail a letter?
 Doesn't everyone have a recipe stuck to the front of their refrigerator.  We make these so often that I don't need to look at the recipe now, but just in case.
And I think this is the newest magnet to find it's way onto our "lovely" (I still don't know why I picked black, oh yeah, I thought it would show less dirt, ha!) black refrigerator.
 No, these are not on my refrigerator, I just love the frog and his cute hand!

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