Sunday, March 7, 2010


We went to the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday.  The lighting wasn't really conducive to photo ops, and I only took my Canon G9 because it is small and very transportable, but not as professional as my Nikon.  The theme this year was Passport to the World, and there were exhibits representing places all over the globe.  This ballon was at the entrance to the flower show and it made of flowers.
Calla Lily

Really interesting, glass vases hanging from wires filled with colored water
The English roses are breathtaking!

This was my favorite exhibit, they are supposed to be frozen in ice.

More English roses, but the focus is a little blurry.

A pressed flower picture
Then we hopped over to The Kingdom of Vegetarians for lunch.  I had shrimp, vegetarian of course

It was Walnut Shrimp, yummy!

Miakoda had Sesame Chicken, also yummy!

Danielle had chicken and scallops, yum, yum!
Jerry had chicken also, but tore into his dish before we could photograph it.

Then we went back to the flower show and went to the wine tasting booths where we all tasted Absinthe (a liqueur made from Wormwood, fennel and anise that escapes me for the moment.)  It was really strong and I don't think I will be spending the $57 for a bottle.

We came home and spent the rest of the evening drinking tea and talking.

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Janna said...

The flower show is always so crowded. The food looks tastey though!