Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning Musings

My morning tea. It is called Snowday tea.
Thomas Henry and Nanook keep me company this morning while I have my tea and knit. I knit the ribbed leg of my sock and find I need a diversion, so I knit on the sweater I have started.
I love the way the colors compliment each other.
My knitted gauge for my sweater. I read somewhere a while ago that a good way to know what size needle you were using for the gauge, do the number of stitches the size of your needle in purl stitch. Later you will have a knitted record of the needle you used for the gauge.
I learned a new cast on method and it is so nice and so much neater. I always use a plain cast on, but this time I am using the knitting-on cast on and it is wonderful.  You can tell I am such a novice, even though I have been knitting for years.  
Yesterday I stopped by the yarn shop and of course I couldn't leave without buying a skein of yarn.  I am planning on making a hat with this.  The color is much more intense than the picture shows, I just couldn't get the color to come out right. It is really quite yummy.
I bought it at this lovely yarn shop in Mt. Holly, New Jersey.
I love these little glass dutch shoes, I bought them at a thrift shop for a dollar. 
There was a little bird on the feeder this morning, just sitting there all tucked up. I would have photographed it, but was afraid I would startle it.
I just put these in because I love the color!
Today is my N day, nice weather, nice relaxing morning, nice company, no stress!
Have you read any good books lately? I would love to hear what you are reading, maybe give me some good ideas for my summer reading.

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Janna said...

Love your post. I feel like I visited with you reading it. You have such a good eye for interesting things!