Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ribbed Leg Socks (Cat Bordhi)

Thomas Henry keeping me company while I knit on my socks
I have started the second pair of socks and have had a multitude of problems so far.  I found that I was getting ladders down the sides of my socks where the stitches were carried from one needle to the other. I tried looking it up in all my knitting books, but everything I read was of no help with my problem. I have always knitted my socks on double pointed needles with no problems with ladders. I finally figured out a solution on my own, but had to unknit back about 6 inches, then knit it all over again.  I knitted as far as the heel stitches and started to bind them off and oh my, I somehow dropped a couple of stitches.  I ripped back to the first decrease and redid the heel.  I am now working on the ribbed leg of the first sock.
This is my solution for telling the front from the back.
I bought som more sock yarn, as though I need more, because I liked the idea of these two colors together.
I decided I needed a break for scones and tea!


Janna said...

I like your sock colors. And Thomas looks so proper!

Ms K said...

You MADE those scones, I betcha. They look soooo wonderful....as does your knitting. More on books later. I read a lot this past endless winter....