Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Garden

This morning I took my dog Nanook out and the first thing I saw was a bright sunflower, it's head turned toward the sun. The bees were buzzing around it and I had to look at all the flowers nodding in the sun.

I just knew that my post today had to be about my garden. I have been lazy lately and the heat has kept me from weeding like I should, but I wanted to share some of my favorite things in my garden.

I am not an avid gardener, more the "early on " type. By that I mean, I am always eager to get things planted, I spend weeks planning what will go where. I get out the clay pots and organize my seeds and plants, get my hands dirty, break a few fingernails potting and planting. I even weed early on, then about the middle of August, I start to droop as a gardener. I put off watering for a day, I pull a few weeds and deadhead less exuberantly. By the end of August I'm starting to think the weeds will bloom and be beautiful. I use this to justify to everyone why the weeds are so large.

The bees are busy on the sunflower

The coneflowers are looking a little ragged

Yes, it's a tractor and no I don't live on a farm, but i do have a tractor.

Everybody needs a zebra in their garden!

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