Monday, August 31, 2009

Art or Craft

This little girl is made from recycled denim, which I hand colored with fabric crayons and heat set. I made her hat and dress and knitted her sweater.

My brother and I were having a discussion about what distinguishes art from crafts. I came up with various ideas and distinctions, but ultimately decided that the lines were very blurred. I would love to hear what others think, so feel free to let me know your ideas on the subject.

The critters on this page were all designed and hand sewn by me. I do not know if they should be considered art or crafts, but in the teddy bear world, I am called a teddy bear artist. However I do not know if that makes them art or crafts. What do you think is the definition of art versus crafts?

This cute pair are aptly named Edgar Allen (teddy bear) and Poe (raven). The teddy is made from cream recycled denim and the crow from black felt, with pipe cleaner legs. he hold a piece of ribbon in his fimo beak that says "NEVERMORE'.

This little guy was made from recycled denim, and I made his jacket and knitted his hat. His companion is a dragon.

This little girl witch is made of recycled denim, and I knitted her garment and mismatched socks. I made her little companion from black felt and knitted the hat.

This little pumpkin head is made from orange felt. The jacket from polar fleece and I knit the scarf.


Janna3535 said...

I think craft is something that is mainly copied from what other people do and lacking a personal innovation, whereas art is something that comes out from within you. It is your vision, your creation, your personal art work. I definitely think your teddy bears are art.

Corina said...

Wow, you made some awesome stuffed dolls, they look so neat! I think art is something more 'mainstream' sort of like something that's been recognized by a big group of people to be considered 'artistic', and crafts is something that is on a smaller scale, sort of like 'home made' stuff, and where you patent your own creations. I don't think artists in general are too concerned with patenting their creations, since they themselves are copying hard core from all sorts of other movements, but crafts men are more invested in their work and want to patent it, because for a lot of them it's their livelihood. From personal experience, I find that craftsmen are actually more posessive of their work than artists are.

Janne said...

Corina, Thanks for your insight and comments on art versus craft.