Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow, and More Snow

It snowed and snowed and snowed. I woke up to cotton wrapped quiet and soft light in my bedroom. I looked outside and the world had been transformed into a white wonderland. Of course you can't think about shoveling and cleaning the snow off your car, you just have to let yourself go and enjoy the quiet and beauty.
I had to take pictures while it was fresh and undisturbed.
We had ginger pancakes with cream cheese and lemon sauce, yum!
I started to knit a pair of slippers to felt, but I think I used the wrong size yarn.
Looking around for inspiration, I find lots of things that grab my interest. I have always loved the birds eye view of things. Common things seem so different when you get in close. This is a handmade flower on the hat my daughter made.
A  really close look at my little iron roses, aren't they lovely?
 This lovely design is on the front of my small secretary.
A group of candlesticks waiting for a special dinner.
I love this old broach and it still has all it's rhinestones.

The moon slept over mountains
And lay like silence in the desert,
And it carved the shadows of great rocks like time.
The moon was mixed with flowing rivers, 
And it was buried in the heart of lakes,
And it trembled on the water like bright fish.
~Thomas Wolfe~






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Janna said...

Lovely pictures yet again. You had ginger pancakes without me!!! They sound so yummy, my mouth is watering! I love the poem, I could visualize each scene as I read it.