Monday, January 24, 2011


Last night I read the instructions to pick up 424 stitches around the front and neck of my sweater. I didn't discover that I had only picked up 414 until the 14th row of rib knit. I know, I know, I did count, but I must have been talking too much on that last strip.  I have been knitting this sweater for about 8 months, it was supposed to be finished for Christmas, but I have been side tracked. I was feeling pretty good as I rounded the corner on my 14th row and started the buttonholes, thinking that maybe I would be able to finish it this week and block it, when uh oh, something wasn't right. Well, now I am faced with the job of frogging the whole rib knit, so I shoved the whole thing in a bag. I have been avoiding looking in the direction of the bag, but it keeps leaking strands of yarn, so I am going to be forced to deal with it before it gets me in my sleep.
I had my crochet hooks out to help me pick up the stitches, so maybe I was distracted by all those hooks.
Or maybe it was the pencil, I have to find something to blame for the stupid mistake of not counting the stitches until I reached the 14th row. 
Maybe a tea break will help!
Or some grapes, anything but ripping out 14 rows of rib knit.
Or maybe doing piggies on baby toes. No I'm afraid there is no help, I just have to get started, ugh!




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Janna said...

Wow, I love your eye for photographing everyday items and seeing the extraordinary beauty in them, also I recognize those toes!