Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Friday

 This is the Juneberry shawl being modeled by my beautiful daughter, Danielle.
 This week, my daughter Janna visited with my new grandson. I knitted Elias this sweater set and scratch mitts. The sweater set was knitted from Classic Elite worsted cotton. It is Fox Fibre, which is a naturally colored grown cotton, blended with natural cotton, with no chemical or other finishing. The color is pure and soft naturally.
 Janna chose the buttons for the sweater, I think they are great.
These cute mitts were knitted from a combination of cashmere/silk.

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Ms K said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shawl !!!!!!

I draped it and played with it for a long time right after I received it and planned to wear it on Sunday. Then I decided that it was too beautiful and that it would distract me from spirituality....8-)

A friend and I are planning to have tea and then I will wear it.... and hopefully post a pic of how very gorgeous I look while wearing it!!!!!