Friday, September 24, 2010

A Visit to my Studio

I have a studio in a room next to my bedroom, which makes it very convenient when I want to work late at night without disturbing the rest of the household. This is where I sew and sketch my designs.

These are the trusty sewing machines my daughter and I use. I sew most things by hand, but I do use the sewing machine for bigger designs.
 One of the corkboards (I have two) that hold my inspirations and memorabilia.
 My reference books
More reference books and magazines and sewing notions.
Some of my fabric
 A few buttons
Some thread and ribbon
 More fabrics
Some of my yarn stash and finished bears waiting to be sold.
 A dress form and some friends
 More yarn stash and sewing notions
The corner of my desk
 And this little bear was an early pattern I was working on and she decided to remain with me, her name is Anne. I work hard trying to keep organized, but I must admit that at times it gets out of control and I spend hours looking for something I have misplaced. I keep my patterns and information in a metal filing cabinet, but I admit that it need to be organized. I will try to accomplish that this fall.

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