Friday, September 24, 2010

A Day on Ocean City Boardwalk

I went Ocean City with my two daughters, Janna and Miakoda. We spent the day on the boardwalk playing games and eating. First we headed over to Ma France Creperie for lunch. 
My two girls waiting for their crepes.
 Yum! The crepes were delicious!
 Then we headed across the street for some bubble tea at Oishii Sushi. Janna has been waiting for weeks to go here for bubble tea.
 Then it was on to the boardwalk. The famous Shrivers is on this corner of the boardwalk in Ocean City.
We walked the boardwalk to soak up some sun.
 I liked the color of this bike.
Only on the boardwalk can you see such sights.
 Not for the faint at heart.
  We walked on over to Playland and played some games.
Aren't they cute!
 We found this lane with murals painted on the walls, and who can resist a photo op here.
The clouds were pretty and the beach was covered with umbrellas.
 Hermit crab shells painted up in a variety of designs.
 We just couldn't pass up a ride on the carousel!
I picked a horse that didn't go up and down, too late to change horses.
 Besides he was a pretty little horse!
 We were tired and decided it was time for dinner, so we headed off the boardwalk. While waiting at the light, we saw this car with friendly people.
 We ate falafel at a small Greek restaurant called Katina's. the falafel was delicious and inexpensive, we will definitely eat there again. After dinner we headed home, with a lot of fun memories.

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