Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some Valetine Bears

Jacque, made from recycled black denim. I loved making his coat and hat, with all the appliques and crochet.

And this was my little chocolate bear, made from recycled denim and painted with brown fabric paint.  I made the chocolates from fimo and they looked delicious!

And this little girl is Lida, made from red mohair, with a red fimo heart for her neck.

Guinevere, made from matted mohair and I made her outfit from green hand stamped felt, with pink heart fimo buttons.

This little sweetie is Clementine, made from recycled denim. I knitted her sweater and gave her a pink sailor collar and pink pants.

And last of all is Valentina, made from recycled denim, with a fimo heart necklace and a box of fimo chocolates.  She is wearing a vintage baby dress.
These are just a few of my teddy bears that I have sold on e-bay, to see more, please visit my website,

1 comment:

Janna said...

I love your little bears! They are all so cute! You are such a sweet person. I wish I had them all!!! I really like Lida with her red mohaire!!!