Saturday, February 20, 2010

My First Pair of Socks (Cat Bordhi)

I decided to get started on my first sock last night, so I opened the needles and yarn and cast on the toe. This yarn is very pretty, but it doesn't have a tight twist, so the first time I tried to knit the cast on stitches they were too tight, I had to pull it out and start over four times before I got a satisfactory first row. I use two different circular needles for my socks so that I can distinguish the top from the bottom.  I use a bamboo and an addi turbo needle and I always start with the bamboo. I finally got my rows started and decided to watch the winter olympics while knitting.  I love to watch the figure skating.

I was so absorbed in watching the skating that I failed to notice my kitty chewing on the end of my bamboo needle.  It wasn't too bad, I took a nail file and smoothed the little teeth marks.  

As you can see, he likes to chew on things, but I think my brass bed knob is just a little too big, but isn't he the cutest thing?
Anyway you can see in the pictures above how far I knitted.  I am going to try to have these finished by the end of this month. I love the colors of this yarn, however I am not loving the way it knits, could just be me.

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