Saturday, February 26, 2011

Film Cameras

I thought that I would talk a little bit about a few of my film cameras. These are just a few of my prizes.  Some have had a lot of use and others a little. 
This is my FM, the very first Nikon I ever owned, and it has had a lot of use. There is a dent in the prism, where my Mom dropped it on the ground, but it is tough. It was my second camera, the first being a Mamiya Sekor DSX 1000. I used the Mamiya for my first year of college, then I was lucky enough to purchase this little Nikon FM. I treasure this little camera, it has been my workhorse.
I have two of these Bronicas, which I used when I photographed weddings. I worked for a couple of studios for about 12 years, so you can see they got a lot of abuse, but they are still good working cameras. I still use them and treasure them.
My Hasselblad and backs.
One of my prizes, my AS. I waited a long time for this little treasure.
A Nikon 8008 AF, I used this infrequently.
My F3 HP, another one of my workhorses. I have carried this camera with me everywhere.
Most of my film cameras are SLRs, but this is a great twin-lens reflex.
This is my Polaroid 600 SE, I used for Polaroid transfers.
And this is the Grandaddy of them all. I have 3 of these. They are for studio work and quite heavy. I have quite a few more film cameras than I have listed. I have a darkroom, but at the moment it isn't set up. I'm afraid that the digital age has imposed itself on me, but I plan on getting my darkroom operational again. Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you leave a comment, I really enjoy hearing what you have to say.







MyVintageCameras said...

Loved seeing your cameras. I post mine from time to time as I introduce a new one. Thanks for joining my group. As yo can tell I love all things film. I'll be watching you too!

Łukasz Klimczyk said...

Nice collection! :) Personally, I hunt for Mamiya 645, P. I invite you to my profile!

FEFOLO said...

Hello, these pictures bring me back into my life at least 40 years ....
He! that the good times and what a beautiful day spent in a dark room ..!
Now everything is easier but the photography is always a noble art.

Adrian L. said...

Great cameras that you have. My first SLR camera was a Pentax ME Super, it end up to be stolen one day.