Monday, January 18, 2010

A Valentine's Day Thought


One night I dreamed
I climbed a set of golden stairs
And at the very top
Was a tiny door with a diamond knob
I found a silver key
Hidden in my pocket
Trembling I put the key
Into the shimmering lock
It sprang open with a tiny click
I held my breath
And bent to peer inside
It was filled with white light
And nothing else
I slowly raised my hand
And placed it inside
My fingertips warmed
Then my whole hand
It spread up my arm
A comforting warmth
I stood and thought
Why is  the door so small?
If only I could walk inside
Perhaps it would thaw my frozen heart
I withdrew my arm
It glowed like summer honey
The warmth dripped off my fingertips
In golden drops
I placed my hand on my chest
I heard the icy crystals cracking
And falling away
Happiness spread up my neck
When I opened my eyes
Light filled the space
The little door was once again closed
It’s diamond knob turned to brass
I leaned to read the  little sign
That hung from it’s burnished knob
Only two words written there
Only two! YOUR HEART!
I woke then and  thought about my dream
What did it mean
Could it be that happiness resides
Within each heart
You just have to open a tiny door
To let the light shine through

1 comment:

Janna said...

Your poem is so magical. I think my heart thawed out while I read it!