Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fabrics and Teddy Bears

I was in the fabric store yesterday, and couldn't resist the upholstery fabrics in the remnants bin, I am a sucker for a bargin.  I love the colors and texture of these remnants.

Now to decide what to do with them, I have been thinking of purses perhaps.
I buy lots of remnants, they are a perfect size for teddy clothes and for the teddies themselves. 

This is my collection of faux suede, I've used this material for teddies.

These teddies were made from the faux suede

This is part of my collection of faux fur upholstery fabric, also great for making teddies

These guys were made from the faux fur upholstery fabric
I also use lots of recycled denim for my teddy bears

such as these two teddies
I also use blankets, some mohair, other kinds of upholstery, a little faux fur for my teddy bears.


Janna said...

Your teddies are so sweet, I love their faces. You are so talented mom. I love you so much.

Janne said...

Thank you baby! I love you with all my being and then some!

Hilary said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I LOVE your teddy bears. Awesome!!!