Friday, December 4, 2009



In a child's storybook
from words on the page
you took shape in my head
A sketch flowed from my pen
The fabrics pulled from the shelf
Rummage through the drawers
pulling out lace, ribbon and thread
My daughter's worn out jeans
laid out with patterns traced
Scissors biting through the denim
Needle, thimble, pins
Sewing all the pieces
Stuffing for the head
Shoe button eyes, perle cotton nose
Stitched with care
Cotter pin and hardboard discs
To give you arms and legs
Finally a hand knitted sweater
to keep you warm, no fur you see
There you sit on my shelf
Sad face, waiting for someone
To take you home
My little teddy bear

J. Kuykendall

A couple of my denim teddy bears

1 comment:

Janna said...

I love your little teddy bears. You give each one of them a heart and soul.