Friday, February 21, 2014


I woke up to a morning and my world was shrouded in fog. I had to go out to get coffee, so I took my camera and stopped along the way to get a few photos. I took these with my Canon Power Shot G9. They are color photos, and I love the way they look like black and white, except for a few small spots where the color was bright enough to show through the fog.
Ducks at the marina, the river is behind the posts.
The marina.

The Rancocas River is down the bank, right behind this tree.

The cemetery down the street from my house.

This is the Watchtower at the train station in Riverside.

I love that fact that all of these photos are color, but the fog makes them appear B&W!


Ms K said... the little bits of color in some of them too. And the video with the !!!!

artontrial said...

Wow, how did you do that? RonK