Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morning and Breakfast

I cannot believe that it has been this long since I have put anything on my blog, I'M SORRY!!!!!!
This morning I jumped (drug myself) out of bed and raced (stumbled) to the kitchen, with a short stop at the bathroom, and a quick jaunt outside for my dog, Nook. I looked around my neat (last nights pots were still in the sink) kitchen, and tried to decide whether to make the coffee or settle for tea (if I wait until someone else gets up, they will grind the beans and make the coffee), so I settled for tea.
My tea cupboard on a good morning. You can see I am so orgainized.
A drink of water and two aspirin for starters!
Okay, so it took me twenty minutes to decide which tea to have and by this time Kode has joined me and we'll wait for Ray to make the coffee.
Looking for something for breakfast, nah, I don't think so.
Yes!!!! This looks much better!
Coffee soon, Ray will be up, I just know it!!!!!


Ms K said...

I forget about blogs.....sure do like your "breakfast story". And photos Ron REALLY forgets about blogs! I sent it to him too.

Ms K said...

And photos....period. Ron...