Sunday, November 25, 2012

WALES! The Second Part of our trip

On November 14, we left Ireland on a ferry bound for Holyhead, Wales. We rented a car there and drove along the countryside. Our first stop was at Beaumaris Castle in Anglesey. 
This is the castle and moat which is almost a1000 years old.
Joshua, my grandson, my daughters, Miakoda and Danielle at the entrance to the castle.
And guess who
It is hard to guess the dimension without a human figure in them, but the archways below were probably 15 or 20 feet, if not more tall.
Moss growing on the walls
This reminded me of a face, see where my imagination takes me!
Inside the castle walls!
My grandson in one of the rooms
Views from the top of the walls
Yes, those white dots are sheep!
And this is the best shot I could get of them with my telephoto, which is kind of blurry, but aren't their faces cute?
The town of Anglesey from the top of the wall.
We each set our four camera's on the wall with timers and this is the picture mine took of the four of us.
The other side of the castle.
As we were leaving the castle this swan swam by and I was able to grab a shot of it. We spent about 3 1/2 hours touring the castle. There weren't any guides, so you could just go where you wanted and take as long as you wanted.
We drove on to our B&B in Aberdovey, and this is a view from the window of our room.

Tomorrow,  photos from Cardiff, Wales


Ms K said...

Beautiful !!!!!! So green and gray. Love the little winding roads in the town.21

Lotus Blossum said...

Breath Taking...just breath taking...You are an amazing lady!

Janne said...

Thank you both!