Monday, July 23, 2012

Morning Coffee

Is there anything like your first cup of coffee in the morning.? This morning I poured it in my favorite cup, went to the refrigerator for my Silk, started to pour when I noticed this bubble floating on top. I took a closer look and noticed that the whole kitchen was reflected in this little bubble, as though it was a fish eye lens, well you just know I had to go grab my camera and record this tiny reflection of my world. This may not seem like much, but it sure made me stop and think of how much we take for granted and miss because we are so busy. Our visual world is so immense, it can seem like sensory overload at times, but I just found this miniature world in the bubble of my coffee, and it made my day.


A. LaRoque said...

The few joys of life, are the one that we usually don't see. It takes sometime for us to appreciate great wonders around us. Nice photo!

Janne said...

You are so right and thank you.