Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flower Show -Hawaii

What a day! Saturday we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  We took the train into Philadelphia, then went to 11th Street to a vegetarian restaurant (Kingdom of Vegetarians) to eat. Their food is always delicious and Jerry who is not a vegetarian enjoys eating there.
This is me, dressed for the occasion.
We started with an appetizer.
Then yummy spicy soup.
This is vegetarian chicken.
Add some vegetarian shrimp, scallops and more chicken. It was a wonderful meal.
My youngest daughter, Miakoda.
My oldest daughter, Danielle.
And I just have to show you my daughter's fake nails, she spent so much time decorating and applying them.

Then it was on to the flower show!

The "waterfall" at the entrance.
Not too long after we entered the convention center, my trusty little camera's battery had a glitch and I had to take the rest of the pictures with my daughter's little Canon Powershot camera. Her camera isn't the greatest for quality photos and this combined with the lighting in the convention center didn't make for the best photos.
These blue flowers were amazing!
Some purses decorated with flowers and plants.
Catch a wave?
We were having a great time.
Looks like a great place to hang your hat!
Some apparel.
And something for your hair.
There must be pineapples.
And Art.
And dancers, but they were too far away, moving, not enough light, and oh well, this was the best I could get.
And we just couldn't leave without flowers to take home.

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Lotus Blossum said...

Oh My these are fantastic Hon!!!! WOW! You guys look like you were having an amazing time....YEA!!!!