Friday, March 25, 2011

Burlington-Bristol Bridge

I have always been fascinated with bridges, and since I live near the Burlington-Bristol bridge, I have taken hundreds of photographs of it. I saw this photo opportunity on a rainy day. There was a heavy fog when I drove down to the bridge. I had my camera in a plastic bag because it was drizzling. The fog almost obscured the bridge, you can just make out faint outlines above the fence railing.
The fog hung close to the ground around these trees.
The rain came down harder and I actually got back in my Jeep for a short time. I photographed this tree through the windshield.
Then the rain slowed and the fog started to lift a little.
The bridge rose up in the sky and the fog settled down on the water.
In an hour or so the rain stopped, the sun came out and the waters was as smooth as silk.

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Adrian L. said...

Very good fog pictures, congratulations!