Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Black and White Day

Some days the light is soft and time is slow.  On these days I feel like taking my camera for a little black and white expedition. Sometimes I don't go much farther than my own yard, but I start to notice all the little things you hardly notice most of the time. I like to get in close and see how different things look when you forget about color. I find it is so interesting and a lot of fun. I take my memory card back to my computer and download images and start to see the little intimate things they reveal. 
 My cats wait patiently for me in the morning, ready for their morning meal and lots of petting.
I love their whiskers and soft furry noses.
 I have three cats, Thomas Henry, Johnan and Morgan.
 Paws, whiskers and noses are what I see today.
 Then there are all the things I see every day, but am so used to seeing that I don't really see them.
 The key to my china closet.
 The drawer pull, it's so lovely with it's swirls.
The keyhole on my desk, so very charming.
The hook on the sewing machine.
 The tea kettle whistle.
 The clothespins I use to hold bags shut in the kitchen.
 Silverware on a plate.
 A fork in the sink.
And outside I find a nail sticking up in a board.
 Unopened Rose of Sharon buds.
 A Rose of Sharon bloom.
My garden bird, he has lost most of his paint, but I think he is charming.
 I find a bolt by the water faucet.
 The inside of the flower.
 Inside again, I marvel at how worn the door knob has become.
 And I think teddy has a secret that he's not telling.

So now I'll take up my knitting and work on the sweater I am knitting for my brother, I hope to finish it in a few weeks.


keynotecraze said...

These are all really cool photos. Such ordinary objects, but you've made them extraordinary.

Janna said...

You have such an amazing photographic eye! You really should have been a famous photographer.

mellmaya said...

You really have an exceptional eye for detail, which accompanied by your photographic talent, makes for some great photographs.