Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome to my spring garden!

I am finally feeling well enough to update my blog. I had a nasty flu virus and felt under the weather. My spring garden is lovely, but overgrown with weeds, since I haven't felt well enough to garden. This doesn't stop my garden from flourishing anyway.
 The Wisteria in full bloom!
 Jerry's red and yellow Tulips
The gorgeous Lilacs
My Scotch Broom in full bloom!
My sweet chives, I just love them.
The mounds of oregano
 Strawberry plants
Pretty green mint
My pretty little Spiderwort
 I love my Rosemary!
The yellow Iris
 A Peony bud with ant
 And without ant
Very orange Azalea
A very orange Rose
 Peace Rose bud
Lovely old fashioned Rose
I am so thrilled, my Yucca is going to bloom!
My indoor windowsill garden, my little African Violet
 My tomato seedlings when they first popped up
 Now along with the peppers, which took longer to sprout
 And this brings me to the end, with a couple of things everyone considers weeds, but they have their own beauty!
I hope you enjoyed your visit to my spring garden. The Zebra is a fixture in my garden!
I wish everyone green thumbs!


Ms K said...

So beautiful,Jan. I loved every single picture !!!

keynotecraze said...

So many pretty flowers! I particularly like the photo of the chives. It looks like it was taken in the morning mist.